Image of Tattoo Goo Lotion with Helix Gold
  • Image of Tattoo Goo Lotion with Helix Gold

Tattoo Goo Lotion with Helix Gold


NEW improved formula combines the latest technology the with world's most recommended ingredients! Since its introduction in 2009, Tattoo Goo® HEALIX GOLD FORMULA™ has been hailed by tattoo artists as a superior healing aid. Now we’ve combined that revolutionary formula with PANTHENOL, the world’s most recommended tattoo aftercare ingredient, to create new and improved Tattoo Goo Lotion. Tattoo Goo® Lotion uses the same quality pumice grade OLIVE OIL and antioxidant rich VITAMIN E as our Tattoo Goo Original Salve, to help speed the skin healing process. The triglycerides and wax esters in olive oil are nature’s ultimate moisturizers. Our exclusive non-greasy water based formula absorbs quickly, penetrating the skin to effectively re-moisturize. Extra emollients help draw moisture from the air, enhancing the humectant process. This skin repair and moisturizing formula revitalizes COLOR - great care for older tattoos as well as new!

With over 14 years of experience and millions of satisfied customers, Tattoo Goo the industry’s oldest and most trusted brand, introduces the finest in aftercare.

The water base formula works with your body to restore the skin's natural moisture balance. The non-greasy "Lotion" absorbs quickly, penetrates deeply, and provides long lasting protection against dryness.

The Lotion contains:

No alcohol,
No petroleum
No lanolin
No mineral oils
No fragrance